Welcome to EuroVlies Nord!

Filtering and purifying liquids is our contribution to a clean environment.

Founded in 2003, EuroVlies Nord is a reliable supplier of non-woven fabrics for every sector of liquid filtration, thanks to our managing director Gerd Montag's more than 20 years experience in marketing non-woven fabrics for technical applications.

Together with our customers we develop optimised filtration concepts:

Increasingly strict regulations for purity and intactness of tools require increasingly cleaner lubricants. We offer products for clean carrier media with longer running life. Thus, cooling fluids and tools acquire a longer service life.

Our products stand for:

  • Clean process liquids
  • Process safety
  • Optimised storage capacity even with low grammage
  • Machines with long service life
  • Low disposal costs

Our range of binder fleece, needle-punched, thermal and spunbound non-woven fabrics covers well-tried as well as innovative and unusual fields of application. Our committed and experienced staff will be pleased to offer you advice:

All-round service from a professional analysis and advice right down to reliable delivery is our highest priority!

To enhance customer focus and streamline internal workflows, Eurovlies Nord GmbH founded
a subsidiary in May 2012, called A³ Vliesstoffe.
Whilst Eurovlies Nord GmbH will focus its activities on the management, the main purposes of
A³ Vliesstoffe GmbH will be the further development of sales, distribution and customers relations.

EuroVlies Nord GmbH