Environment protection

Advocating environment protection

The preservation of our natural livelihood is a matter that concerns all of us. Every person and every enterprise can make their contribution to this aim. This is a challenge we face out of conviction:

Clean solutions

Our products help avoid unnecessary environmental impact:

  • Machines have a longer failure-free service life

  • Our non-woven fabrics are characterised by very economic consumption values

  • They reduce the consumption of cooling lubricants and water

  • They provide optimised filtration resulting in cleaner water

  • Thus minimising environmentally damaging waste

Ecology and economy – a worthwhile combination

Our efforts have several benefits:

  • Improved process quality and the related increase in efficiency strengthen both our and your profit situation

  • Environmentally friendly processes are an important concern of our customers; the consistent implementation of such processes strengthens both our and your competitive situation

  • Commitment for the environment creates bonds; it gives us, our staff, partners and customers alike the feeling of being involved in an important mission together

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