What is a non-woven fabric?

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Non-woven fabrics are filter media made of several raw materials such as fibres or granulate. A distinction is made between production by wet, dry or extrusion processes. Only the consolidation of the fibres or granulate obtained by bonding agents, calendering, heat, water jets or needles results in the ultimate non-woven fabric. Non-woven fabrics have many fields of application: in liquid filtration they catch solid matter, clean the air from pollutants, make economic recycling possible and optimise production processes.

We have turned our attention to liquid filtration in which solid matter is separated from liquids. Non-woven fabrics are predominantly applied in metal-cutting processes such as sanding, turning, milling, drilling, etc. In the most varied branches of industry, these fabrics are utilised for purifying liquids such as cooling lubricants, thin oils, washing liquids and brine.

Non-woven fabrics provide clean air and clean water, and thus make a vast contribution to the environment.

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