In 2003 after having acquired nearly 20 years of experience in the sector of technical filtration, Gerd Montag founded the EuroVlies Nord company together with his wife Helga. As an
exclusive distribution partner in the filtration sector of the eswegee Vliesstoff GmbH he succeeded in establishing new developments in non-woven fabrics on the market in a very short time.

Due to their well-founded knowledge of the products and the market, and their perceptiveness for movements in the non-woven fabric market, EuroVlies Nord have positioned themselves in an appropriate market position and have many notable enterprises among their loyal customers.

Early in 2005 and again in the autumn of 2008, the office and storage spaces were extended: The purchase of a plant for tailoring and winding fabrics took into account the increasing variety in sizes: In a storage space of nearly 5,000 m², we keep stock of numerous non-woven fabrics in any size you can imagine and for the most diverse fields of application.

Thanks to having built up a successful marketing organisation at home as well as abroad, we are proud to have evolved from a 2-person operation in the beginning to the 9-member team we represent today, that is always striving to satisfy any requirements of our customers.

In spite of the general economic recession, we succeeded in maintaining the market position of EuroVlies Nord by our personal commitment, the flexibility of our team and fair treatment towards our customers and suppliers.

EuroVlies Nord GmbH

We regard our success as a motivating factor for improvement every day, not for resting on our laurels.

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